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Bistro "Mango"

Web-site for bulgarian cafe-bistro "Mango" founded by my close friends in Varna. Bistromango.com is a simple stylish one-page web-site.

./img/lyceum-bg.jpg html5,css3,jquery,php,mysql ./exp4nd/pages/lyceum.html Lyceum 25 Logo

Lyceum 25

Is a web-platform for posting different kind of media started as an adaptive online photoalbum and expanded to a system for public polls, news, etc. The website was presented as a gift to my school for its 25th anniversary.
The engine it runs on was written by me from the very first line of code using PHP version 7 and MySQL databases.

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Gemini: Preamble

Future 2D videogame written on C++ with SDL graphic library. It is currently on its first stages, but it will be developed further soon.

What do you want to know about me?

Hello! My name is Anton.
I'm enthusiastic junior programmer in fields of desktop and web applications.
I have recently graduated from Seneca College of Applied Arts and technology and currenty look for a job position in the fields of expertise.
My major program is Computer Programming and Analysis.
At the time I still don't know what way of programming I'm going to choose, but I have some experience in creating web-sites of different difficulties and try to find out the ways of creating videogames.
I'm now experimenting with Unity and Unreal Game Engines and SDL graphic library while studying different programming languages, such as C++, C#, Java etc.

General Skills

The ability to learn new material quickly and on the go if needed

Good teamworker and willing to get in touch and work with industry professionals

Friendly, Good communication (even though I am usually pretty shy)

Basic style and design understanding

Average Photoshoper and somewhat of an Illustrator

Programming Languages

C/C++ - Above average knowledge of syntax and both functional and object-oriented architectues, basic ability to use OpenGL and SDL with C++ for Windows graphics

Java - General knowledge of key principles and JavaFX for simple GUI for Windows or Unix desktop applications

PHP - General knowledge of creating backend web-applications of various difficulty (Used to work with it in the past when did not even know OOP. Try not to use it anymore)

Web Development

HTML, CSS - Hign skills at creating flexible and stylish UI/UX for web-platforms

JavaScript, jQuery - Above average ability to interact with DOM elements via javascript to provide flexibility and interaction to the web-application

Node.js - General knowledge of building server side applications for both web and cloud technologies

React, Angular - General knowledge of building client side object oriented rendering tools

SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB - Good knowledge of designing and building databases of different complexity with following normalization concepts

Game Development

Unity Game Engine - introductory level of AI, animation and programmable interactions via C#.

Unreal Game Engine - introductory level of AI, animation and programmable interactions via C++.

SDL Graphic Library - introductory level of graphics implementation via C++