Bistro "Mango"


Web-site for bulgarian cafe-bistro "Mango" founded by my close friends in Varna. Bistromango.com is a simple stylish one-page web-site

Programming languages/tools: html5, css3, JavaScript

Status: Complete

Lyceum 25


Gifted to my school for its 25th anniversary web-site. This web-site is currently the most hard-structurized web-project I have ever made. It's engine was written by me from the begining to the end.

Programming languages/tools: html5, css3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL

Status: Is being reworked




Programming languages/tools: C#, Unity3D

Status: In progress


MeHello! My name is Anton. I'm enthusiastic junior(pre-junior) programmer. Currently I'm studying at the Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto, Canada. My major program is Computer Programming and Analysis. At the time I still don't know what way of programming I'm going to choose, but I have a solid experience in creating web-sites of different difficulties and trying to find out the ways of creating videogames. I'm now experimenting with Unity Game Engine and studying different programming languages, such as C++, C#, Java etc.